Getting Your Car Winter Ready – windshield replacement Bannister

Keeping your Hyundai in peak condition helps ensure your safety on the road in fall and winter weather conditions. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you maintain your vehicle in tip top shape.

Battery and charging system: It’s vital to have a fully charged and functioning battery so that your engine starts in cold weather conditions every time. A weak battery is not necessarily found until it’s too late so make sure you have it checked regularly.

Winter tires: Winter tires have specifically designed tread patterns and rubber compounds to handle winter conditions. They will give you better grip on snow covered and/or dry surfaces when temperatures dip under seven degrees Celsius. It’s also important to periodically check your tire pressure as it drops when the weather gets colder.

Wiper blades and windshield washer fluid: Wiper blades should be replaced whenever you see streaks rather than clear glass with each swipe. For optimum performance install winter wiper blades which will help prevent ice and snow build-up. It’s also recommended that you use winter specific windshield washer fluid as it will reduce re-freezing on windshield for better visibility.

Brakes: Making sure your brakes are in top condition can make you feel more confident that you’re in complete control when you’re on the road. If your brakes start to make a squealing or grinding noise take your vehicle in for a check-up as it may be a sign that you need to have them replaced.