RIV Inspections in Canada at Bannister Hyundai

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Before you can get licence plates and insurance for a vehicle in British Columbia, the vehicle must be registered with ICBC. Registering serves as the official record of your vehicle. It also identifies you as its owner.

Most vehicles must be registered, licensed and insured within 30 days of purchase. Vehicles intended for commercial use must be registered, licensed and insured immediately.

Registrar of Imported Vehicles

The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) was created to establish and maintain a system of registration, inspection and certification to Canadian standards of vehicles originally manufactured for distribution in the U.S. market that are being permanently imported into Canada.

Vehicles subject to the RIV Inspection include but are not limited to: Trailers, Restricted-use Motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles and low-speed vehicles.

We are an authorized RIV inspection facility. This means that we can inspect any vehicle / motorhome / or trailer that you would like to import from the United States! There is no charge for RIV Inspections at the dealership, it is included in the fee you pay directly to RIV for brining the vehicle into Canada.